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Return Policy

Prior to the return of the product, the service department of Indigo-Arachova must have been contacted.
*In order to provide you with the best service possible, it is important to have your order number near you.

A necessary condition for the return of products is for you to have in your possession the relevant purchase document that proves the transaction (eg. Retail Receipt, Invoice, Shipping Receipt, etc.)

General Information

  • The return of the product must happen in  14 days from the day of receipt and return conditions are met (eg the product has not been opened and is in excellent condition).
  • Returns must be sent with courier companies and not through a local post office like ELTA.
  • In case of using the product or altering their original packaging, the return is not accepted.
  • In case of invoice issuance, the return must be made with a delivery note.
  • Returns made in a period longer than 14  calendar days from the day of receipt or if some of the return conditions are not met, will not be accepted by strong>
  • Return the products to the following address:
  • Stefanopoulou N Vasilia T OE |
  • Arachova, Greece Postal Code. 32004
  • Phone. +30 2267 032525

In case of defective product or shipping error:
It is possible to get a replacement or refund that corresponds to the value of the products, by following the Return Procedure below:

1) Ship with a courier:

  • You need to pack and send the package with the products with the cooperating courier company of our company and choose for the courier to get paid by us. Inside the package, you need to have a filled in report informing us of the problem that arisen with the returned product as well as a copy of the invoice or receipt..
  • If the return conditions apply, we will proceed with a relative replacement or credit of the corresponding amount in your bank account.
  • In case the package arrives and it turns out that the return conditions do not apply, the product will not be accepted. It will be returned to the customer and the shipping costs will be borne by him.

2) Return to our physical store

  • Call the service department to arrange and order the product to be replaced.
  • Bring the product to our offices together with the purchase receipt and after checking to determine that the return conditions apply, the value of the product / products is returned in the same means of payment with which you completed the order.

Change - Return Cost

  • The return and shipping costs of the first change are not charged to the customer.
  • From the second change onwards, the cost of returning the product as well as the shipping costs of the new product are borne entirely by the customer.

Defective products
Defective products are those that have been damaged upon receipt or that show a manufacturing error within one (1) month from the date of purchase. Products that are damaged due to use and wear are not considered defective. All products with obvious manufacturing defects will be replaced with the same product, if available otherwise the customer can choose any other item desired. However, INDIGO-ARACHOVA.GR reserves the right, in case of controversial complaints, to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the complaint is real. The user will be informed about the progress of his complaint. Where possible, INDIGO-ARACHOVA.GR will repair the defective product.

* The photos of the products are indicative and in no case can they be binding on

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